HTTPD for the Amiga

Graham Walter <> has ported NCSA HTTPD to the Amiga. It is included with the AmiTCP version of Amiga Mosaic Version 1.1. It's also bundled with the AS225R2 version, but does not yet work with AS225R2. Sorry about that.

Installation instructions

  1. Add an assign of http: to the HTTPDemon directory from the Mosaic Dsitribution.
  2. Optional: Change the security, if you like, in the config files. The defaults seem (no guarantees) reasonably safe though, so you may like to leave them alone.
  3. Optional: Add html documents to the docs directory in http:
  4. Optional: Add scripts to the http:cgi-bin directory.
  5. Add this line to Amitcp:db/servciceshttp 80/tcp
  6. run http:httpd
    or add a command to run httpd to your AmiTCP inet.conf file http stream tcp nowait root http:httpdthen send a break F to the inet dæmon [AmiTCP:bin/inetd]. You can get its PID using the status command.
  7. try it out : open URL http://localhost/ with Amiga Mosaic - you should get your index.html document from the docs dir, or, if there isn't one, a directory listing. Et volià.

    Known Amigas running HTTP dæmons

  8. The Pittsburgh Commodore Group is running a server. It should be up most of the time.
  9. I (mjw) have httpd running on my machine now. You can try this link if you want, but it may not be up when you try it. Evenings in the Eastern US are most likely to find it up.

  10. 1994 Michael J Witbrock