CommodoreAmiga Mosaic Installation

Thank you for acquiring Mosaic for the Amiga. We hope, but do not promise that it will give you years of dependable service.

Required Software

This section lists all the programs, files, etc. you need to have installed before you can install Amiga Mosaic. Please go through it thoroughly before you begin.
  • Amiga OS 2.0 or greater. To utilize the full potential of AMosaic requires Amiga OS 3.0 or greater.
  • A direct internet connection via AmiTCP 3.0 beta 2 or AS225 Release 2, or DNET.
  • AS225 is Commodore's networking package. Release 2 is required, but Commodore never officially released it, so it may never become available.
  • AmiTCP is a public domain networking package. The AmiTCP manual is here.
  • DNET is a networking package originally by Matt Dillon.
  • MUI 2.0 (Magic User Interface).
  • ZGIF DataType for decoding inlined GIF images (WB3.x users only).
  • Packing List

    The Amiga Mosaic 1.2 distribution consists of the following files:
  • The main executable - make sure that you choose the version compatible with your networking software, or the DNet version if you have no network connection and will be using it to browse local hypermedia files only.
  • The drawer ENVARC whose contents belong in ENV: and ENVARC: (copy the contents to both, for preferences and setup information).
  • The drawer REXX for mod player and .au player scripts. Copy to Rexx:.

  • Easy Step by Step Installation Instructions

  • Extract the distribution archive.
  • Move the main executable (if necessary) to wherever you like.
  • Check the ENVARC/mailcap file to make sure it is set up correctly for your system. In particular, if you will run AMosaic on a public screen, change the PUBSCREEN argument after the multiview calls to reflect this.
  • Copy the contents of the ENVARC drawer to the ENVARC: and ENV: directories. If you ran an old version of AMosaic, you can remove the .mailcap and .mime.types files from your S: directory. They are superceded by these files.
  • Copy the contents of the REXX drawer to your REXX: directory. You may edit these files to support other mod players and sound players, but at your own risk. Other such scripts may be written and made accessible by refering to them on the env:Mosaic/mailcap file.
  • If you have an NNTP server you can connect to to read news, set the environment variable NNTPSERVER to your server's IP address in your user-startup.
  • If you are running mosaic on a custom screen on an ECS amiga (like a 500 or 3000) be sure to select Interleaved using the MUI preferences for that screen, otherwise the anchor colours will disconnect from the anchor letters during scrolling in a most ugly manner.

  • What to do if you finish installation and it doesn't work

  • Send mail to the AMosaic bugs address

  • External Viewers

    The following software is recommended for external viewing:
  • AMS to play Sun ".au" sound files, and to view X-bitmaps.
  • EdPlayer to play external MOD songs.
  • AmiSOX to play sun audio files.

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