Illustrated Timeline (Reversed)
July 9, 2000 Deck and patio finished.
May 25, 2000 Deck and patio progress.
May 12, 2000 More deck progress.
May 9, 2000 Trex being installed on deck, and walkway to garage being framed.
May 1, 2000 Construction of deck has begun.
April 30, 2000 Landscaping completed.
April 23, 2000 Moved in on April 11! Pictures of Phast, Lutron, and USTec gear.
April 4, 2000 Pictures of basement and lutron switches.
March 30, 2000 Pre-settlement walkthrough. Pointed out lots and lots of minor problems (mostly cosmetic) and a few big ones.
March 9, 2000 More interior and exterior photos. One month till settlement.
February 29, 2000 Floors, mirrors, fireplace mantle.
February 24, 2000 Hardwood floors, lot grading, and more.
February 12, 2000 First coat of paint done. Granite installed in Kitchen.
February 6, 2000 Most interior trim complete. Almost ready to paint.
January 22, 2000 Drywall complete. Bathroom tile work started and kitchen cabinets installed. Settlement ETA 4/1/2000.
December 31, 1999 Drywall started on 12/28.
December 18, 1999 Interior insulation about halfway done.
December 17, 1999 Added new section to this web site about the house's technology innards
December 12, 1999 Exterior stone completed! Interior wiring completed! Almost time for drywall...
December 4, 1999 Exterior completed except for final stone, which is almost done. Interior wiring almost completed.
November 10, 1999 Stucco almost done on front and left side. Still waiting for front stone to be finished.
November 8, 1999 More progress on stucco and interior electrical work.
November 1, 1999 Exterior stone almost complete, EIFS (stucco) started, interior electrical work started.
October 17, 1999 HVAC and plumbing complete, exterior stone work started.
October 3, 1999 Roof is finished, most windows are in, and interior HVAC installation has been started.
September 4, 1999 Roof is almost done. Exterior walls (except garage) done.
August 31, 1999 Roof framing has begun.
August 29, 1999 Second floor is mostly done.
August 20, 1999 First floor mostly done, second started
August 17, 1999 First floor framing started.
August 16, 1999 Joist framing has begun.
August 14, 1999 Garage and basement slabs poured.
August 9, 1999 Gravel and sewer pipes basement.
August 3, 1999 Pre-construction meeting... Foundation complete!.
August 1, 1999 They've poured the footers and framed for the foundation.
July 29, 1999 They've dug a big hole in the ground and framed for the footers.
July 19, 1999 Lot clearing. Here is a page of pictures and info on the lot.
June 15, 1999 Contract ratified. Take a look at the floorplans and model home.
May 21, 1999 Wrote initial contract with builder.
May 9, 1999 Placed lot hold on Lot #14.